Mountain Rifle Special
Rifles 5 1/2 to 6 3/4 lbs *

Reworked 700 Action to remove weight,
Action totally trued,
Lilja 23" barrel,
Tubb lightweight firing pin.
Cerakote Cote finish in all colors.
High-tech sheep stock. Decelerator Pad.
Chambered in all calibers - Standard & Magnum$4500
With Lilja fluted barreladd $185
With WSM and Dakotaadd $250 to $350
With Jewell Triggeradd $300

Hunter Standard

Trued 700 S/S Action, 24" to 26" Lilja S/S/ Barrel H-S Precision Stock,

Glass Bed, Free Floated Barrel Reworked Trigger, Bead Blasted Finish.

Standard or Magnum Calibers.22-250 to 338 Win $2,850
With Fluted BarrelAdd $185

The Hunters Special

Pre 64 MDL 70 Action, Lilja Barrel, High Tech Specialties
Stock, Decelerator recoil pad, Special texture finish on stock
Cerakote Cote finish on all other parts.
Chambered in all calibers - Standard & Magnum$4500
With old Pre 64 Action$4800
With Rem 700 or Post 64$4500
With fluted Lilja Barrel, stainless onlyAdd $185
Magnum Calibers for old pre-64 action addAdd $350
Dakota CalibersAdd $350
With Jewell TriggerAdd $300 to $350

Accurized Factory Rifles
Remington, Winchester

Action trued, lugs lapped, surface ground recoil lug, Lilja barrel installed,
pillar bedded and barrel free floated, Handload for rifle and take to
the range to test for accuracy.

RIFLES FROM.......................$1800 to $2600


Other Rifles Made to Your Order
All Rifles Tested for Accuracy

Rifle Smithing
Barrels and Action Work

Rebarrel Win Post 64-REM 700 Ruger 77 and Mauser actions$285 to $320
Pre 64 Type, Springfield, Enfield$350
Other rifles rebarreledCall for Price
Open bolt face and extractor$125
Square receiver face$80
Lap Lugs$80
Square bolt face$80
Cut and crown barrel$58 to $95
Touch up crown$40
Drill and tap action, per hole$25 to $40
Add new custom handle$180 to $275
Jewel bolt$125
With extractor$150
Install muzzle brake$285 to $360
Rework or adjust trigger$65 to $95
Install trigger$80 to $150
Check head space$40 to $60
Cut dovetail in barrel$125
Lap barrel$120
Reblue rifle, shotgun or pistol$185 to $350
Mount scope and bore sight$50
Bore sight$20 to $30
Cerakote Coat finish$250 to $385
Rework feed ramp, rails and polish$150
Polish feed ramp$60
Take chamber cast$60
Test fire$40
Install safeties$65 to $175
Strip, clean and test fire$75 to $120
Install Sako extractor with bushing$200
Install Sights$30 to $300

Stock Work

Refinish wood stock$160 to $350
Special texture finish synthetic stock$125 to $175
Glass bed, free float barrel$185 to $250
Pillar bed (extra if stock needs inletting)$195 to $275
Install recoil pad$80 to $125
Install sling swivels$45 to $175

Custom synthetic stock installed
On your rifle

High Tech Specialties - McMillan - Pacific Research
- HS Precision Deceleration Pad - Glass Bed, free float barrel
- Special Texture Finish

Hunting Rifles$500 to $750
Match riflesCall for price

Accurizing Special

Glass bed, free float barrel, refit barrel & action in stock, touch-up crown, adjust
trigger, lap barrel, handload, take to range to check for accuracy......$600